Sunday, October 31, 2010


The craziness of life has overtaken me and I have been slack about blogging. I am going to get better, I promise! Since the last time, I blogged a lot has taken place. It's cool to look at my life and to see how I am constantly changing and growing...all for the Lord. Lots of opportunities have come my way and a lot has taken place, so I just figured it would be good to catch you up with some cool things God is doing in my life. (These are in no particular order, as my brain is very random!)
1) I was recently elected President of BCM at my school. Exciting, huh?
2) I am applying to go to Haiti again in January. Yes, I know, scary for me and the foot, but I am excited, as I have watched God perfectly time this opportunity and open this door, once again.
3) I have gotten VERY involved with the youth group at my church. Needless to say, I love ministry and I love every single student and leader I get to work with!
4) I have been getting a lot of requests for photo shoots. Again, a very exciting thing.
5) Along the lines of going to Haiti again, I have recently had the opportunity to spread the work and share of my experiences from my first trip. Macon State added photos from our trip to their web page and I just completed an interview for an article that will come out in the Macon Statement, our school newspaper! I also got to make a video for my science class and the topic was earthquakes, and I got to share with my class what Haiti is going through.
6) God has really taught me a lot about friendships lately. I'm seriously learning who the real ones are and the ones God wants for me in my journey and walk. I've met a lot of new and cool people and I am excited to see new friendships come to play. It is also very cool to see old friendships rekindling!
7) I have been looking around at seminary schools. I feel like this is where God is leading me for the next step in my journey. I am not sure where yet, but I want to receive a degree in either Education and Christian Counseling or some sort of missions degree.
8) I am ready for the summer.
9) Missions is truly becoming a lifestyle for me, and I love everything about it!
10) I honestly have nothing to complain about in my life. Do I have hard times? Absolutley. Do I have struggles? Of course. Do I have things I could complain about? Duh. But, at the end of the day, that stuff doesn't matter. I have everything in my life that I could possibly ever need. I have incredible family, awesome mentors, amazing friends, a stinkin' great church family, and Jesus Christ who loves me and is ALWAYS here for me. I think I am pretty good to go!

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 happenings in my current life. Now that you're updated, I can begin to blog again! Thanks for listening.

Holding Open His Door,